Miami Attractions

Whether you’re doing double takes at your favorite celebrity, relaxing out on the crisp sand at Southbeach or strolling and shopping in downtown Miami, you’ll soon discover that Miami is  alive and bustling with so many things to do, places to go, and people to see.  Some attractions include water parks, museums, aquariums and much much more!

In no particular order, here are a few of the leading family-friendly attractions found in South Florida.

Perez Art Museum Miami – One of South Florida’s leading art museums, devoted to collecting and showcasing art selections that span both the geography and history of Miami.  Throughout the compelling art galleries visitors can view extensive collections from modern and international artists with highlighted exhibitions that give a glimpse into Miami’s ever-evolving diverse community. Among the museum’s collections is an outdoor display of larger scaled sculptures of exquisite design. Delve deep into the work of significant artists as your curiosity and imagination guides you through the acclaimed museum.

Art by artist James Rosenquist - collection from the Perez Art Muesum Miami
Artist James Rosenquist helped define Pop Art in the 1960s with his bold graphic style as displayed in this work from 1992.
Stroll through the sculpture garden and view exceptional designs.
Ambassadors for African American Art and Core Creative members enjoying a private tour of "Poetics of Relation," led by #PAMM Chief Curator Tobias Ostrander.
Chief Curator Tobias Ostrander giving a private tour.

Miami Seaquarium®, is a delightful and inspirational aquarium located on a 38 acre tropical paradise which offer views of the Miami skyline. With astonishing shows and exhibits, this is the place to be for marine life education. At the Miami Seaquarium you can learn about endangered species as well as, marine and wildlife conservation.  You can also watch and interact with live presentations, which include dolphins, penguins and sea lions!

smiling sea lion at miami seaquarium
Meet “Bud” the smiling Sea Lion at Miami Seaquarium
Dolphin at Miami Seaquarium
Friends at first sight! ~ Photo @nerio1979

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It is our vision to be recognized as a premier institution serving children and their families while inspiring children to learn about themselves and the culturally diverse community we live in through the arts, literacy, and early childhood education. –  Miami children’s Museum

Miami Children’s Museum – is a modern nearly 57,000 square foot facility full of excitement and education for kids of all ages. It offers hundreds of bilingual, interactive exhibits, programs and classes pertaining to culture and the arts. Let your imaginations run wild as you create, play and explore every section of this museum. After all, it’s not called a Children’s Museum for nothing!

World Oceans Day at Miami Children’s Museum ? ??? Their art became an animated and digitized part of the undersea environment through a virtual aquarium!
Miami Childrens Museum Exhibit Carnival Cruise Upper Deck
Check out the newest exhibit Carnival Upper Deck , now open at Miami Children’s Museum. ????

In the near future, Miami’s Jungle Island will be debuting as an entirely new action-adventure!

Jungle Island  – is a timeless classic attraction in Miami and is currently in the process of a huge renovation set to debut sometime in 2019. The project plans to embark on a new vision for the attraction that will ultimately reinvent Miami’s Jungle Island transforming it into a tropical lagoon oasis packed with adrenaline boosting zip lines and a 2-acre man made lagoon. The lagoon will be equipped with pool areas deeper than the traditional pool, allowing for other water sports like kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.  We can’t wait to discover the beautiful and new action-adventure park!

For more about the renovation plans for Jungle Island, click here to read the full story.\

There’s always something great going on at Zoo Miami!

Zoo Miami – (also known as The Maimi-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens) is one extraordinary zoo. Not only is it the largest and oldest zoological garden in Florida but it is the only sub-tropical zoo in the continental U.S. It’s landscaping replicates the natural habitats of the more than 3,000 animals it is home to, some of which are endangered species. The zoo also covers nearly 750 acres of land and features more than 1,000 species of unique and tropical trees, palms and plants. With over 100 special exhibits, you’ll learn as you tour through cascading plant life and informative presentations. The animals do their own share of entertaining and are sure to delight time and time again!

From inside of an underwater tunnel, watch a crocodile swim at Zoo Miami
It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a HUGE crocodile! See them swim past you from inside of an underwater tunnel at Zoo Miami!
Tiger cooling down at Zoo Miami
You’ll have a roaring good time at Zoo Miami!