Just Imagin3: New Talent on the Horizon

I first came across Just Imagin3 at the Cosmic Film Fest in Orlando, Florida in 2018 where they performed and sang in unison for a room full of people. As soon as I was introduced to the synchronizing sweet sound they so effortlessly created it proved their talents as legitimate artists.

Just Imagin3, (formerly Tripl3) is a three-member Latina singing group of young sisters from Ecuador. Raised in Queens, New York the trio sought out greater opportunities and found themselves moving to Florida in 2008. This is where the story and love of singing together began to evolve and blossom. 

Twitter: @JI3Official

The sisters; Ethiana, Stephany and Fatima are natural born singers and have collectively performed at various events and festivals such as Arts Alive and Dancing for Diabetes.

As millennials often do, the sisters of Just Imagin3 can be found updating their social media accounts with their favorite food, best moments and favorite activities. They frequently cover new songs with renditions of today’s top hits which have garnered them many fans online.


They have a Youtube channel where they often upload click-worthy videos such as a tribute medley to Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, a behind the scenes trip to Cuba and an extreme food challenge where they’ve attempted to eat an entire bowl of extra
spicy noodles. One thing is for certain, their vibrant smiles and personalities are contagious. There’s just something special about these fun loving sisters when they are together on camera or when they are harmonizing behind their microphones that can’t be duplicated.


Over the years, notable female groups and individual singers that have come before them have paved the way some for female and minority artists. I’d like to think, these talented young women are no different, just waiting on their big break.

Twitter: @JI3Official at Phat Planet Studios

According to their Facebook page, Ethiana, Stephany and Fatima want to be able to do what they love. They hope their singing and love for music will inspire others not to give up on their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem.

I am looking forward to watching Just Imagin3 evolve musically and hope one day to hear they will debut a self titled album or drop a catchy single for us all to enjoy (on repeat of course)! 


I will continue to follow their journey towards music stardom and in the meantime, will enjoy their random food and prank adventure videos on Youtube!

They’re quite remarkable and wildly entertaining!

Instagram: JustImagine3

Facebook: @OfficialJustImagin3

Youtube: Just Imagin3

Twitter: @JI3Official